1st february - 21th march 2014: Entries for all drivers

21th march 2014: Event closed - All entries must be paid


Once you validate your registration, the race manager will check your details and set your registration as a "Waiting for payment/ Waiting driver list " status. Then, each racer will have 7 days to pay up their entry and validated their registration unless it will be declined.

Classes: 2wd - 4wd - SC 2/4wd

- 52€ for 1 class /
62€ for 2 classes / 72 € for 3 classes

Included: the cost of the toy fair entry (14€ per day) and parking (6€ per day) + the race for these days


Use http://www.paypal.com and then please send your payment as "PERSONAL / gift " (no comission) and NOT as a purchase to redac(at)petitrc(dot)com



- Name : PETIT RC - IBAN : FR53 3000 2062 5100 0011 7031 L48


NO REFUND (Any reasons will accepted!)




Carpet race

2wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front)
4wd class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Schumacher mini pin (front)
SC class: Schumacher mini pin (rear) / Free choice Schumacher's tires (front)

Tyres : Limited to 3 sets - All tires used for any scored round must be marked by the organizer. 

Cutting spike is allowed but no structural. Any racer attempting to compete with modified tires (the structural) will be held in technical inspection pending disqualification from that round as determined by the event referee(s).

Any racer attempting to compete without marked tires and/or control foam will be disqualified from that round/main.

Tire additives (including, but not limited to motor spray, WD40, Buggy Grip, etc.) are not allowed.  Cleaning the tire mounting bead is allowed and Windex is recommended.
Glue is not considered as an additive and therefore gluing front tyres wall is allowed

Racers will provide their own rims and inserts for all tires.

The tires selected for this event were done so by multiple teams and drivers to ensure fair and consistent performance throughout the event on many different vehicles.  The control tires work well right out of the package and modifying the tires is not required to have a vehicle that performs well. Please respect the event and your fellow competitors by adhering to all tire rules.

4wd & 2wd buggy:
All brushless speed controllers and motors (no limit) are allowed

Short Course
2wd: All Brushless Speed Controllers with zero boost / Motors 13.5t are allowed
4wd: All Brushless Speed Controllers and motors (no limit) are allowed

In case of we don't have a complet A final in one of both classes, SC2/4wd will run together

All hard case LiPo 2S batteries are allowed
LiPo packs have to be charged in a special LiPo charging bag

Minimum weights:
2wd class: 1,480 gr
4wd class: 1,590 gr
SC class: 2,100 gr

- Marshalling: All drivers (not mechanic men!!) must be presented to their marshal position after each race.If a driver is not at the marshall point at the start of the next race he/she will loss there faster time of the day ,if they do it a second time they are disqualified from the meeting - Only one (1) car per driver per class is allowed. All cars must be presented to the Technical Inspection for an Initial inspection before the start of Controlled Practice and after each Race.

- Radio equipment: All transmitters must be inspected and approved prior to use in the event.- All transmitters must be at the Technical department prior and after your race.

- If a driver must change his frequency before the start of a final due to an error by the organization, he will be allowed ten minutes. If the driver has found his radio defective or has made an error in the selection of his frequency at the start of a heat or final the race will not be delayed. The Race Director may delay the start, due to radio frequency, for a frequency inspection. Anyone on other than assigned frequency will not be allowed to start the final or heat.

- Each competitor is responsible for attaching the /his lap counting transponder to his car. During qualifying any car starting without a transponder or faulty PT will not be counted. If, during a heat, the **transponder fails, the car will be counted and timed manually, if possible. In this case the Race Director will verify the results and his decision will be final. During the final(s) all cars must have transponder firmly attached at the start of the race. In the event of the failure of **transponder the car will be manually counted. Under no circumstances will a heat or final be re-run due to a car not having a transponder or failure of such. This also applies to a car having an incorrect number. (**Transponder provides by the organizer only)

- Warnings and instructions are announced by the Referee and he keeps a record of the warnings and instructions issued (Stop&Go). Repeated warnings, three (3), will lead to disqualification from the competition. Instructions must be observed and obeyed immediately. 

All announcements will be made in English (and Portuguese).

- After the end of all heats and sub-finals the supervisor will review the results before displaying. In the case of a request for checking results, the Time Keeping Supervisor, along with the Race Director, will check the questioned result and make a decision.

- The bad behaviour and/or deportment of any competitor, even outside the race meeting, which could injure the promotion of the sport, may become the object of an official national or international sanction.

- Black flag (removal of car from track) or Disqualification may be issued for the following reasons:

*Drivers who impede the progress of other drivers.
*Un-sportsmanlike driving.
*Participants driving in a manner deemed to be dangerous.
*Vehicles judged to be in an un-driveable or dangerous condition by the Race Director. (These vehicles, after being repaired, may be allowed to re-enter the track after permission by Race officials.)

1 PIT SPACE per driver ONLY 

Germany = Hour +2 UTC/GMT (Winter - London 12h00 / Berlin 14h00)

Friday 11th April

The track will be open from 9h00 until 18h00 for practises

Saturday 12th april – 2wd + SC2wd Race (From 8h00 to 19h00)

FTQ qualifying
After Practices the Heat groups will be made ranked by each driver's best 3 consecutive laps in practice.
Controlled Practice - Qualifications - Finals

Sunday 13th april – 4wd + SC4wd Race + UFO of "PETITRC RACE" race (From 8h00 to 17h00)

FTQ qualifying
After Practices the Heat groups will be made ranked by each driver's best 3 consecutive laps in practice.
Controlled Practice - Qualifications - Finals - UFO's race


- Many trophies….even bigger…

- Raffle with RC products and others products to win - 1 FREE ticket is OFFER per driver