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Updated date 11.02.2006


Some EURO Finalists : Richard Cree° - Kim Sitensky - Geoffrey Petit - Vincent Héligoin - Arnaud Collet - Carl Maignien
+130 registrations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK
Present personalities : Robin Schumacher (Schumacher) - Rob Nelson (BBK Software) - Gerd Strenge (Team Durango) - Constant Paul (Team Corally) - Santiago Villalba Cobas (Teknipron)
Time keeping professional : Rob Nelson from BBK Software is coming to take care about results
Most well known RC firm are present
Track layout : Technical, fast & crazy on carpet
Schumacher tires : the best choice for the race
2 shops will be present with tires & options parts : MCM Racing & SELECT Models
LIVE RESULTS : You will be able to follow our LIVE INTERNATIONAL PETIT R/C RACE on our website
Wireless connection : You will be able to connect you with your computer/pda to follow LIVE results and surf on the net
° = expectation