Hall of FAME

Truck */ SC4wd
U.F.O Race
Feb, 2006



Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Kim Sitensky(Ger) *
Kim Sitensky(Ger)
Dec, 2007



Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Gerd Pfeifer(Aus) *
Stéphane Deroch (Fra)
Jan, 2009


Maritime Raceway

Lee Martin(UK)
Tony Truman(UK)
Richard Lowe (UK) *
Simon Moss(UK)
Jan, 2010


Maritime Raceway

Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Richard Lowe (UK) *
Simon Moss(UK)
Jan, 2011


Ardent Raceway

Lee Martin(UK)
Paul Bradby (UK)
James Helliwell (UK) *
Hüpo Hönigl (Aus)
Jan, 2012


Ardent Raceway

Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Hüpo Hönigl (Aus)
Jörn Neumann (Ger)
Julien Formentin (Fra)
Jan, 2013

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Mekios (Greece) [6th edition - Ardent Raceway]: I've got to thank everybody for this superb event in Ardent Raceway. For me it was the first race ever out of the borders of Greece and the first time i ever raced on carpet.  It was all very well organized, really nice people, great atmosphere (though a little cold for my liking) and we had a great time. I loved carpet racing, i enjoyed every little turn i took and every jump i (over)shoot. Great stuff!
Many thanks to Nicolas for organizing the event, Ardent people and everyone responsible for this event.

Sandra Santos (Portugal) [6th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Balanço Petit RC 2012....BRUTAL :) não fiquei em último ;) recebi uma taça pela única participação feminina ;) fui convidada para o para o UFO hehehe - e no sorteio ainda ganhei uma short course 4wd durango....FANTÁSTICO :)

Argiris Papagiannakopoulos (Greece) [6th edition - Ardent Raceway]:I'It was the first time that RCDevil.gr covered an event abroad and I must say that we are really glad that we made the trip over to Ardent for the PetitRC! We hope to see you guys again next year...

Paul Taylor (England) [6th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Awesome meeting, thanks Nicolas, really enjoyed myself


Andy Moore (UK) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Thanks to Petitrc and all Ardent staff involved. That was great and fantastic!

Marc Rheinard (Germany) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: This was my first Petitrc event and it was very nice. The atmosphere was enjoyed and the competition was very impressiv

Neil Cragg (UK) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Really great race and exciting track! Thanks to Petitrc and Ardent to welcome us in this awesome venue

Hüpo Hönigl (Austria) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Jery cool race and amazing organisation - next year i hope without the one jump, and then the race will be perfect!

David Gibson [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your work on the other years I have competed, it is definitely one of my racing highlights of the year

Gilles Benardeau (France) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Je dis Bravo : A Nicolas pour cette organisation de haut vol... A Steph pour ces belles photos qui permettent de revivre des instants incroyables. Et Merci, la Petitrc Race que je n'avais jamais eu la chance de faire jusque là, est vraiment un rendez vous Culte !

Mark Dyson (UK) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]:This was my first Petit event and it was ace. The competition was hard and the racing was fast but it kept it very interesting.  Well done to all the organisers and to Nicholas who is a top man

James Wilkinson (UK) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Great weekendMassive thanks to Nicholas and the Ardent team for hosting this fantastic event. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, the standard of driving was unreal. At least I did well in the raffle!

"Quarter throttle" (UK) [5th edition - Ardent Raceway]: Had an amazing weekend although i drove terrible lol - This was one of my favourite meetings since i started off-road racing. Just like to thank Nicholas for organising a great weekend and also everyone else who helped out! Thanks again for an amazing weekend of racing.


Neil Skull (Kyosho UK Team Manager) [4th edition - Gillingham]: Great Meeting. Everyone says that 1/8th off road is the friendliest class but i have to say that it was all great fun lots of old faces lots new to me. Great venue great organisation but most importantly great racing. Shin had a great time and was very impressed with the whole meeting but especially the standard of racing. Hope to be back next year.

Chris Ran (France) [4th edition - Gillingham] : i really would like to thanks the Maritime staff for their great job and their facilities. I would like also to thanks Nicolas Petit for his hug effort to organize us such a big event. I was pleased to be among all these great UK drivers...men you're too good on your field! It was really fun and i was also surprised by the great fair play.

Afonso Sousa (Portugal) [4th edition - Gillingham]: Would like to Thanks in the name of the 6 Portuguese drivers,to Ian and Maritime Team,Nicolas and Petitrc  staff.Its not easy to run an huge event like this.Thank you. This was an awesome weekend.Definitely a must for any RC fan. Thanks again and see you next year.

James Helliwell (UK) [4th edition - Gillingham]: Good job Petitrc and Maritime Raceway, great meeting. Qualifying both days was insanely close and there were some great finals races. Good atmosphere even though everyone was knackered! excellent weekend allround 

Andy Griffith (UK) [4th edition - Gillingham]" Thanks to all the Petit and Maratime Crew. Excellent metting , superb track and an atmosphere to die for!!! If you've never done this, get it on the calender for next year!!!

Richard Cree (UK) [4th edition - Gillingham]:" what a great meeting and fun to be back racing electric again! "


Racer Magazine [3rd edition - Gillingham]: " A fantastic job of preparing replica of last years track in France along with the now famous "Wall of death" that is designed to test drivers' nerve"

Ellis Stafford (Double European champion) [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "Great track, well run and really good venue."

Darren Boyle (DMS Racing) [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "it was a great event, well run and a HUGE amount of effort put in by all involved, from all of us here at DMS and X-Factory UK thanks to Nicholas from Petit and Ian and all his crew at Maritime for a wonderful event. "

David Church (Microphone performer) [3rd edition - Gillingham]: I would like to say a BIG Thank You to Petit RC for putting this event on!!!!! Nicolas is a very good guy!!!! A second BIG Thank You to Maritime Raceway for a fantasic venue in every way!!!!! You guys did an amazing job!! Ian and Steve ran a perfect meeting!!!!! Scrutineering guys were spot on and the catering was second to none!

Kecky [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "the best weekends racing i've ever had"

Michael Somerwil (Holland) [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "I've had a great weekend too! The organisation was brilliant and the track was difficult but very, very cool! Thanks to Nicholas, Ian and all the others that made it a great race this weekend! J'y etais! And I'll be back.

Dan Greenwood [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "it was brilliant, best event I've had for ages"

Rebelrc [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "Lovely raffle prize"

Manolis Troullos (Greece) [3rd edition - Gillingham]: "I like the fact the track and pits are so close to each other. I like the fact that weather is kept off us. It is certainly different to most over tracks. I think Nicolas has done a very good job"


Jörn Neumann (Germany - 2004 European champion) [2nd edition - Paris]: " it was all positiv, fantastic. The UFO race was very good"

Gerd Pfeifer (Austria) [2nd edition - Paris]: " Thank you for the great race , we have enjoy it to be in paris!"

James Helliwell (England) [2nd edition - Paris]: "Superb weekend, huge track with massive jumps, very grippy."

Denis Blandin (France - 1986 European champion) [1st edition - Paris]: "Belle organisation pour une première. Beaucoup de lots et une bonne remise de prix"

Santiago Villalba Coba (Teknipron) [1st edition - Paris]: "Very fantasticoooo. Great race, wonderful, awesome! Congratulations PetitRC"

Robin Schumacher (Schumacher) [1st edition - Paris]: "Congratulations, i'm so pleased to come in Paris and assist to the PetitRC Race"