Thank you / Merci / Danke / Obrigado / Gracias / Děkuji / Teşekkür ederim / ευχαριστώ / Dank u wel /

Thank you to Everybody who came and race to this 6th PETITRC RACE edition. I really enjoyed to welcome you and spent a FANTASTIC weekend. Thank you for YOUR show!!
You were many drivers registered from 14 nations : Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland

As I already told you I thank you very much for your interest to this PETITRC RACE organized at Ardent Raceway. I really enjoyed to meet you, to talk with you along this weekend.

Thank you to John Dawson and his Ardent Raceway crew who did many efforts from Wednesday. Great venue, Awesome track and AWESOME Jump for the UFO Race. well done!

Many Thanks to Rob Nelson (Race control Manager) who managed his 3rd PETITRC RACE edition ( 1st, 5th and 6th) ; Geoffrey Petit ; Ben Hubbard (Girls manager) ; Julien Lassus (Race's logo ) ; and all involved to help to the Petitrc success.

Thank you to Anne and her lovely cookies, his husband and the young boy at the Catering.

and BIG thanks to partners involved :
- Team DURANGO, Main partner
- Acorn Racing (Aaron)
- Hiro-Seiko (Susan)
- Team Powers (Andy)
- Teknipron & TKP (Santiago)
- Schumacher (Robin)
- Eagle Tree System (Bill)
- Ansmann Racing (Stu)
- Kanzen (David) - Diff Balls
- RW Racing (Neil)
- Speedpassion (Wilson)
- Team Corally (Yoko and Constant)
- Pulse RC (Swen)
- Rudebits (Tony)
- Select Models Shop (Christophe)
- JESpares (Stu)

Congrats also to Sandra Santos (Portugal), the only girl of the Petitrc ; to Oliver Currie (the youngest driver) and to John Dawson, the Vintage driver!

Toutes mes félicitations et remerciements aux 9 pilotes Français qui avaient fait le déplacement pour leur 2ème ou 3ème participation. Bravo pour votre motivation, continuez ainsi et au plaisir de vous revoir. Merci.

Now, all of you can tell: I WAS THERE!

Thank you / Merci / Danke / Obrigado / Gracias / Děkuji / Teşekkür ederim / ευχαριστώ / Dank u wel /